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Featured Facials

 Passion Fruit Facial --For firming

  •  Green tea Cleanser
  •  Passion Fruit Enzyme
  •  Green Tea Serum
  •  Goji Berry Mask
  •  Cucumber Toner
  •  Peptide Restoration


 Lemon Zest Facial-Anti Aging

  •  Green Tea Cleanser
  •  Glycolic Cleanser
  •  Lemon Zest Enzyme
  •  Green Tea serum and Ageless Hydrating serum
  •  Goji Berry Mask
  •  Glycolic Pad
  •  Acai Berry Moisturizer


Pumpkin Orange Enzyme Facial-Exfoliates and Reduces oily skin issues

  • Green Tea Cleanser
  • Glycolic Cleanser
  • Pumpkin Orange Enzyme
  • Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum 
  • Ageless Hydrating Serum
  • Cucumber Toner
  • Acai Berry Moisturizer
  •         $149.00

Series of 6 SkinScript Facials for $560.00 ( save over $300)

We also offer QrxLabs Chemical Peels 

Our professionally formulated Glycolic Acid Gel Peel contains a 30%-70% concentration of glycolic acid and is our maximum-strength peel within the Glycolic Acid category.

It can typically:

  • reduce active acne and acne marks
  • improve the appearance of light wrinkles
  • deep clean pores
  • help eliminate black heads
  • even out skin tone
  • fade hyperpigmentation

We start each client at a Level 1 Peels and work through a series of Peels to determine the best treatment program for your skin type, our Peels start at $109.00 

We also offer many other customized facials for anti aging, Acne and firming.


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